Before any choice of clothing, I must draw your attention to the posture; it naturally creates an interesting height for each of us. So when you stand straight you gain cm on your height. The way to make sure you are straight is to imagine a string hanging above your head pulling your head up. By having this posture, your abs naturally contract and your head is held upright. In addition to gaining cm, you lose a few cm in the belly.


The right choice of underwear contributes enormously to your overall look. It is for this reason that you must choose your bra carefully, so that it provides good support and that it is not too small around the waist and too small on the cup. A bra that is too small creates bulges on the back. The support meanwhile allows you to have a bust that seems firm and does not fall. For the panties, it must maintain and be without too visible edges. Then you must wear a sheathing camisole under all your outfits. It comes to shape giving the effect of a uniform silhouette. It allows any top you choose to fall well.

Seek verticality

Verticality is the benchmark when you want to slim down and lengthen. The ways to create verticality are as follows:

  • Tone on tone
  • Monochrome
  • V-neck
  • The round neckline embellished with a long necklace or a scarf
  • Roll up your sleeves
  • High heels
  • Prints always on top
  • The asymmetry of your tops
  • Accessories (adjustment buckle, necklace, scarf, earring)
  • The belt at the hips with a loose top worn in toxedo
  • Avoid tops that are square at the bottom
  • Favor rounded shapes at the bottom of all your tops
  • Always draw attention to the upper body (face)

-Tone on tone and monochrome create a slender harmony. Embellish with a scarf or a long V-necklace will draw attention upwards.

-V-neck gives light to the face

-The round neckline with a long necklace or scarf draws attention upwards

- Rolling up your sleeves gives you height

-High heels slim the leg and add height

-The prints worn on your tops draw attention upwards

-Asymmetry creates a slender effect

-Accessories are important to draw the eye upward

-The waistband at the hips with a loose top worn inside the waistband in front and pulled out behind ( toxedo ) camouflages the belly

- Tops that end square cut the verticality of your figure. To remedy this, the solution is the adjustment loop which makes it possible to create an asymmetry.

-The rounded shapes create the illusion of slimness at the hips and promote verticality.

The choice and layout of your clothes are very important to the look of your figure. Even though dark colors do slim down, you don't always have to wear dark colors as your base. It is enough to respect the rule of verticality. Now that you know all the tricks, it's your turn!!


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  • myriam: July 04, 2022
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    Merci beaucoup pour tous ces précieux conseils.
    Votre accent est charmant, vous êtes magnifiques toutes les deux.
    Est-il possible d’acheter une camisole gaInante depuis la France ?
    Je vous souhaite une très bonne soirée

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