A poorly cared for garment is damaged more quickly. It loses its shape, the colors fade and it loses all its charm. All fabrics are not maintained in the same way and the washing instructions mentioned on the labels are not always sufficient. To properly care for your clothes, you need to know the composition of the fabric. Some materials are much more fragile than others.

Natural fibers


The silk can be washed by hand, or if you prefer, it can also be washed in a washing bag or pillowcase, in the washing machine on a delicate cycle in cold water. Be careful, silk is a natural fiber that does not support being twisted or rubbed. To dry it, lay it flat on a towel. Do not hang it otherwise the hanger deforms the shoulders and above all, no dryer unless you want to listen to the life of your garment. If you wish to iron your floss, for best results, iron while still damp.

If your piece of silk is white, it is very important not to dry it in the sun to prevent it from yellowing.


Linen comes off before you wash it. This fabric can be cleaned in the washing machine with cold water. Linen should never be dried in the dryer or in the strong sun to prevent it from yellowing. For white, use a mild soap with a bleaching agent so that it retains its color. Linen is a noble material and it is acceptable to wear it crumpled!


Cotton is easy to care for like linen. It is a natural material, so it requires careful care.

Viscose and rayon

These are natural materials whose fibers have undergone chemical treatment. Wash viscose and rayon garments inside out in cold water on the gentle cycle. Never put viscose or rayon in the dryer or your clothes will lose their shape.

Synthetic fibers

Acrylic, polyester, spandex and nylon

These types of fabrics withstand the washing machine and dryer without warping or fading. However, if you want to keep your clothes for a long time, the dryer is never the best option, as it damages the elasticity of the fibers and wears the fabric.

If you still choose the dryer for its speed, do not overload it, as this promotes wrinkles and forces you to iron longer.

In the washer, always put colored clothes inside out. For more delicate clothes, put them in a laundry bag or pillowcase before washing them in the washing machine. Don't use too much soap, it doesn't wash your clothes any better and the excess soap can get stuck in your fabrics.

If you have to iron your clothes, iron them inside out, this will prevent them from getting shiny and will preserve their colors.

If your clothes lose color

To help fix the color on your natural fiber garments, for the first few washes, simply replace the laundry soap with hair conditioner and clean the garment by hand. Dilute a teaspoon of conditioner in water, soak for 5 minutes, rinse and pat dry.

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