The layering of clothes

Kids aren't the only ones who love layering clothes. We also love to wrap ourselves in several layers of clothing, as much for style as for warmth. So here are some tips to remember.

Mistakes to avoid

Overlay prints

You shouldn't pair a plaid shirt with a striped t-shirt underneath. Mixing too many prints makes you fat and it's not pretty. We superimpose the print on the plain, respecting the marriage of colors.

Mix colors

By superimposing several layers of clothing, you risk ending up with several colors. A rule is to be followed at all times; never wear more than three colors at a time. Otherwise it makes us look disorganized, tasteless.

Mix materials that are too thick

If you wear a jacket or a velvet jacket, don't pair it with a chunky woolen sweater or a fleece, it gets bigger. We also avoid wearing a thick wool tunic over corduroy pants. The two materials combined give a magnifying effect. And we don't want to put ourselves at a disadvantage by creating layered looks. On the other hand, the wool tunic embellished with a leather, imitation leather or ultra-suede jacket on skinny jeans is a winner!!

Overlapping too many clothes

Even if the temperature is freezing, you don't wear a turtleneck with a t-shirt plus a shirt plus a cardigan or a jacket over it. The rule is three superimposed pieces no more. Otherwise it's in bad taste.

Finally, the art of layering is simple in itself. We combine light fabrics together which is always a safe bet. Or alos, we associate a heavier material on a light material. You can also emphasize the waist with a belt or an adjustment buckle, which refines the silhouette and gives height. Always keep in mind the rule of "three". Maximum three thicknesses and three colors. Now all that remains is to let your imagination run wild to create an elegant and personalized look. Remember ladies that "fashion is good but style is better"



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