Fashion is a wheel that turns and everything always comes back. This year, nothing could be more true, the trends of the 70's are making a comeback!

The 1970s were years of discoveries and changes. It was in the 1970s that we saw clothing become unisex and women start wearing more boyish looks.


The trendy cuts of jeans we see today are straight from the 70s. Bell bottom jeans that are fitted at the thigh and flared from the knee are increasingly present. We still see skinny jeans, but flared jeans are once again becoming a wardrobe staple. Some people mistakenly think that bell bottom jeans are a disadvantage, but that's not the case at all. On the contrary, bell bottom jeans balance your silhouette.

Denim was very strong in the 70s and it is the case this year. The perfecto, the jeans jacket, the jeans shirt, the jeans skirt, tell yourself that you can't wear too many jeans in 2020!

Tip: Bell bottom jeans need to be worn the right length, i.e. they need to cover your shoe. To know if your jeans are the right length, we only need to see the tip of your shoe.

Jeans pattes d'éléphant

Layering (under sweater)

If we can sum up 70s fashion in one word, it would be: creativity! It's time to try and dare. Fashion is unconventional in 2020, it's more funky and joyful like in the 70s.

As you were told during the fall/winter season, layering is trending. A turtleneck under a sweater, or an overshirt over a t-shirt: let your imagination run wild!

The colors of the 70s are at the rendezvous

Designers and leading designers were not only inspired by cuts and fabrics from the hippie and disco era, but also by colors. That's why we are not surprised to see a lot of colors in shades of orange, yellow, blue. Without forgetting the brown that will be back this fall.

Wedge soles

And yes, even in the shoe we go back in time. There are a lot of platforms this year. They're not quite like the 70s, but you can feel the inspiration.

And remember ladies, fashion is good, but style is better!

Dominique Napky-Couture


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