It is timeless since it adapts to all looks and all fashions, year after year. Just match it with the trends and colors of the season and you're done. Jeans are a master key and essential in a wardrobe, both for going out shopping and for an outing with friends.

The blazer

Combined with a sober t-shirt and jeans, the blazer naturally gives style. If you replace the jeans with a straight skirt or classic pants, it completes a more chic outfit.

The jeans jacket can also fall into this must-have category. It does not matter whether it is in white, blue or faded jeans, the jeans jacket is always very practical when the wind picks up. It allows you to achieve a stylish look while remaining casual.

The white shirt

With it, all combinations are possible! Wear it over a straight skirt or slim pants, under a sweater or under a jacket. We accessorize it a little with a scarf or a necklace and voila! The white shirt is a must-have for active women who work in offices, but it is also very practical in everyday life.

The camisole

Women generally wear a garment much better when they add a little leotard-type camisole underneath. The camisole makes it possible to refine the silhouette, it has an effect similar to a sheath. Black and white camisoles are among the essentials of a complete wardrobe. Under your clothes, the white camisole helps bring out the colors of your top, because on white the pigments are more vibrant. For those who have never tested it, I tell you "to try it is to adopt it"!

The little black dress

The little black dress is THE must-have in a wardrobe! It's the perfect all-purpose for more chic evenings or for improvised cocktail parties. Well accessorized, the little black dress helps you out every time and goes through time.

Dominique Napky-Couture


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    Bonjour, j’ai quelques questions pour vous. Que dois je porter au haut? J’ai une poitrine forte DD et un peu de ventre. Pouvez vous me donner quelques idées avec les hauts que vous avez svp? Col round ou en V? Je porte parfois medium parfois large. Mesure 5.4, je porte du 31 ou 11 ans. Jaimerais bien avoir les skinny charcoal, en arez vous bientôt ? Je souhaite commander la cami gainante donc large? Merci jadore vos capsules et le concept de votre boutique.

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