As we are all very eager to see the sun again and the days are getting longer, let's talk about the spring/summer 2020 trends to brighten up our month of February.

Trendy colors

Named as the color of the year, pantone's "classic blue" takes center stage. Blue blends easily with many colors, it is also the universal favorite color. Classic blue is very similar to indigo blue (jeans). It is between navy blue and purplish blue. We also see the appearance of green which gives a touch of freshness, pop pink and yellow for radiance.


Jeans change and get a new look. We see it growing more and more. Going from skinny, to flair, to straight leg and finally to palazzo. All styles are worn this season! Jeans occupy as always an important place in our wardrobe, it is an essential. We even see the jeans paired with the jeans jacket. The complete jeans look, why not?


Leather is a must this season. You see it everywhere on the designers' catwalks. Worn as pants, skirts, jackets or dresses, leather is a "must" this season. Dare to even wear leather on leather for a 2020 look!

The polka dot print

The polka dot print is back this season ladies! What could be more distinguished than this print. Both classic and bright, small and large polka dots are in the spotlight for the Spring/Summer 2020 season. You'll see the polka dots on blouses, camisoles and pants, it's time to take advantage of them!

And remember ladies, fashion is good but style is better.

Dominique Napky-Couture


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