Here's a look at the jeans trends for this year. We find the flare, the mommy's jeans, the palazzo, the deconstructed and the color block.

For starters, flare jeans are making a comeback this year. These are the vintage jeans par excellence. It is fitted from the top of the thigh to the knee then widely flared on the rest of the leg. This style of jeans lengthens the silhouette, so perfect for women with small sizes.

There are also mommy's jeans which will give a more relaxed look. It is found most of the time with a mid-high or high waist. Its cut is rather wide at the hips and falls straight the rest of the leg. Often its material is thicker too. It is perfect for slim and slender silhouettes. Avoid if you have a belly, as it will highlight your curves.

For a sophisticated look, you will find the palazzo. This one is very wide so it must be worn longer. Contrary to beliefs, it is not only suitable for tall women. On the contrary, it highlights all the silhouettes. So, doubt no more, you can wear the palazzo too.

For a slightly more rock look this time around, deconstructed jeans are perfect for you. You can find it in several different cuts. Its characteristic stands out with a classic jeans transformed for a reinvented look. You can find patches, holes, writings...these jeans will definitely be the star of your look.

In the same concept, the color block will also be the star. It is composed of one or more colors that will start from clean, straight lines or graphics. With these jeans, we create our look from these colors. Be careful avoid hurting your eyes, opt for a plain-colored sweater with these jeans.

To conclude, if you like to wear skinny jeans, don't worry, they are still in the current trends too. Always a must have in your wardrobe.

So, with all the choices of jeans available to you, you will undoubtedly be able to find the one that suits you. What will be the choice of your jeans? Happy shopping!!!



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